Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Things First

Hi. My name is Ms. ReadAlot and I'm an alcoholic.

Wait wait, no no.

I mean, my name is Ms. ReadAlot and I am a Librarian!

Yes, that is it.

Well, that's not true either.

According to my current job title and description, I am a "Pre-Professional Librarian" aka one who does not have a Masters degree. I'm working on it though. This Fall I began classes to acquire my GSLIS degree in two years time. I am enrolled full time, which means I am taking three courses - Reference and Information Services, Curriculum Frameworks, and Evaluation of Research Methods (blah!).

So far, so good.

In addition to my Masters program, I have now signed up for the BPL's continued learning course, 26.2 Things in Boston. What a great idea for online learning! And even better, I learned from a GSLIS grad yesterday that this online course may take the place of a course I am required to take for my program. This may not seem like a big deal as either way, I'm still doing the same work. BUT! By not having to take that course requirement, I might have TWO electives now instead of ONE (the school concentration program for the GSLIS program is very regimented for what courses one must take to become certified at the end). This is v. v. exciting news. So thank you BPL, thank you Jen (the coach for the course) for making this possible.

So far, so good.

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